Video Presentation Tips: 3 Steps to Reduce Takes and Save Time

Some people are able to present perfectly on camera first go… I’m not one of them, so here’s 3 Video Presentation Tips I use to reduce takes and save time!




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Video Presentation Tips: 3 Steps to Reduce Takes and Save Time

Working behind the camera, I’ve seen quite a few AMAZING presenters able to absolutely nail their presentation in just one take… I’ve also seen a ton MORE that need a lot of takes to get their message across.

I’m definitely one of the latter. As much as I hate to admit it, there’s been times where even a short 5 minute weekly video has taken me upwards of an hour and half (90 minutes!) in footage! This still happens from time to time, but whenever it does I realise it’s only because I didn’t follow my usual 3 steps for presenting…

I know there’s a lot more people out there like me that struggle on camera, so we put this video together to let you know you’re not alone (it’s normal!) but also to give you 3 presentation tips for saving time and shooting in less takes.

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