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Justin Brown

Justin’s unique approach to video production is the result of 20+ years experience, an impressive list of production credits, and an unrelenting focus on achieving maximal results with minimal effort.

From the day he was old enough to reach out and hit the shiny red “Record” button of his Dad’s VHS tape video camera, Justin had a growing passion, some might say ‘obsession’, for video. From his early days producing awkward (read: terrible) family videos and mock-up tv shows, he quickly built a strong appreciation for the unique ways technology enabled effective storytelling.

Fast forward over 25 years, and Justin’s journey has led him to work on major international projects involving a raft of inspirational domain leaders across a broad range of projects, industries and audiences.

From his Production credits on documentaries featuring the likes of Dr. John Demartini, Roger Hamilton, John Assaraf, Tara Stiles and Reid Tracey, to his work with extreme sports athletes and change makers like UN Women, Justin’s drive for constant improvement has seen him develop somewhat of a kinship with those pushing the boundaries of what’s deemed ‘possible’ within their fields.

On the extreme sports front, Justin considers himself fortunate enough to have spearheaded video production and strategy for the likes of Ant Williams, World Champion Freediver, and Mark Visser, Big Wave Surfer. Not content with just his ‘behind-the-scenes’ strategy and production credits, Justin trained alongside both athlete’s, obtaining a solo skydiving certificate and undergoing rigorous breath hold training (4min 20sec) – just to get the shot.

His training certainly didn’t go to waste… Justin’s work on Mark Visser’s inspiring “9 lives” documentary series saw him traveling all over the world to the biggest and best surfing spots. From filming while jumping out of planes, to duck-diving huge waves on the shallow reefs of Tahiti, Justin followed Mark through all of his awe-inspiring endeavours, including a world-first project surfing 50ft waves at the renowned JAWS big wave break off Hawaii – at night!

With his feet safely back on solid ground, Justin’s has produced and delivered projects across major international networks, including Discovery Channel USA and Canada, ESPN USA and Australia, Trace Sports Europe and FuelTV.

From his home on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, Justin’s passion for video and storytelling is now expressed through his work on select special production projects. He enjoys teaching his methods, coaching and mentoring a select handful of clients to achieve maximum results from video with minimal effort.

Naturally, the efficiency of his methods has garnered the attention of a growing community of entrepreneurs, change makers and domain leaders seeking the most efficient way to produce quality video and spread their message online.