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Hey, Justin here.

I’m excited to introduce a personal passion project of mine:

Our new Elite Mentoring program.



Justin here.

I’m excited to introduce a personal passion project of mine:

Our new Elite Mentoring program.

I’ll keep this brief, because the right profile of founder/CEO will know instantly whether this is a fit for them.

Why a Mentoring membership?

We’re all too close to our own businesses to see the gaps or the potential barriers. That’s where an external perspective from someone who’s been down the same road can be game-changing.

I’ve had a number of coaches over the years, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it’s had a massive impact for me personally on my own journey.

As we’ve grown I’ve received hundreds of requests to help others in a similar way, but building a coaching business was never our intention. I chose to remain focussed on expanding our higher-leverage business models.

Now we’ve far exceeded any of my original goals, with a highly-automated business I love to run and the flexibility to spend most of my time with my family. That flexibility has created enough space that I’m now able to spend more time on passion projects, like Elite Mentoring.

I love taking a high-level view of people’s businesses and lives, helping them get where they want faster. It’s not just about giving advice; it’s about sharing lessons I’ve learned, so you don’t have to figure it all out the hard way.

This is a personal project I’ve wanted to start for some time now, and it’s finally time to kick things off with a small group of action-taking members.

Looking for our training programs instead? Head over here →

I believe the best Mentors have gone where you want to go.

Here’s the TL;DR on where we’re at now, and what I’m continuing to accelerate in future.

  • Over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube, attracting 2 million views organically every month.
  • Created a 7-figure lifestyle business from scratch, focusing on both revenue and freedom.
  • Built a thriving business with multiple revenue streams that could stand on it’s own even without our digital products. We didn’t build our business selling courses on how to build a business.
  • Designed all of this to fit my ideal life without sacrificing what really matters, so I can pick my kids up from school, hit the gym and beach, and have low stress.

If you’re looking to achieve a goal in any of these areas, chances are I’ve been where you are and have more than a few battle scars to show for it. I’m here because I love helping passionate, action-taking entrepreneurs overcome their hurdles, create a meaningful impact and achieve their lifestyle goals.

Who is Elite Mentoring for?

  • Action-Takers with Success: You’ve hit some significant milestones. Minimum six-figures in revenue with atleast some portion that’s not from coaching/consulting.
  • CEOs/Founders/Decision-Makers: You’re the architect/visionary; the ship captain. Your team handles the execution; you chart the course. You’re looking for a sounding board or guidance on refining that vision and making the right adjustments.
  • Big Thinkers: You ask the bigger questions that drive real impact. This isn’t about nitty-gritty details like keyword research, but about shaping your future direction.

But it's not a fit if...

  • You’re mainly looking for YouTube assistance: This isn’t for specific video feedback, ranking tips or tactical help with keyword research (we have other programs that cover all of this in a far more cost effective way).  Elite mentoring is strategy-level, like determining how to maximize your existing YouTube results & the impact on your business, or re-align channel direction to meet your evolving personal & business goals.
  • You’re an Excuse Maker or Negative Nancy: The right mindset is critical for real success. You’ll be wasting your time (and mine) if you’re not truly coachable. That means being open not just to new ideas, but also being challenged on existing beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • You haven’t (yet) cracked Six-Figures in Revenue: To make the most out of the program you need a certain scale & platform to ensure what we talk about can be actioned effectively. If you’re not there yet, no worries! We have other programs designed to help get you there.

Here's how it works

Once accepted, you’re invited to join a personal mentoring chat thread with me, that you can access on your phone or desktop.

I’m there as your sounding board, so you can share what you’re working on and what you’re thinking in there. It supports text, voice chat, or you can share a screencap like Loom – whatever works best.

I check & respond to messages on most regular working days, usually later in my afternoon. This way, we move forward together so you’ll never be alone on your journey.

You’ll also get access to weekly Elite office hours with me, so you can jump on and ask any questions there – or get to know some of the other Elite members.

In office hours, we’re going to be talking about 48 times per year (allowing for holidays, weeks off etc.)

As soon as you come on board, I’ll find out what your goals are and anything immediate you might be struggling with so we can make sure we’re all aligned toward the same objective.

With you and I working on your business together, we can achieve great things.

Your Membership includes

  • Weekly live office hours call times.
    These are not recorded. That’s not only to preserve privacy given the sensitive nature of questions at this level, but because we don’t want “watching replays” to be an unnecessary to-do list item. We do them weekly to keep momentum high, so you can drop in whenever needed.
  • Direct access to me as a sounding board.
    Private messaging access to me via text, voice or video on your phone or desktop as a professional sounding board.
  • Access to the Elite Member space & app.
    A dedicated space in our portal to access our messaging thread and any additional Elite resources we share. You can access it from any browser, or the iPhone/Android apps.

It's the Elite program I'd always wanted from my Mentors.

There’s no upfront 6-figure coaching agreement required, or $50k year-long mastermind with just 3 events. Elite is designed to give you all the touch-points you need to hit your goals faster, while keeping the flexibility we both need to adapt as we scale our businesses.

It’s month-to-month, so either of us can cancel anytime without commitment.
I only want us to work together as long as it’s a fit, so if it’s not working out for either of us at any point – no hard feelings, we can each refocus elsewhere.

Your Membership includes:

Pay by the Month. Cancel Anytime.

US$ 1,000
 per month
  • List Item

If that all sounds good, and you’re an action-taker ready to scale with strategic guidance, Elite Mentoring might be the game-changer you’ve been looking for.

And if you’re not there yet, no worries! We have plenty of other resources that can help you get to the right level.



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