Partnering with Primal Video

There's a few ways to work with us.

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Have an interesting opportunity you'd like to partner on?

Awesome! We love getting our teeth stuck into new & interesting projects. There are a few ways we commonly work with the right partners, but we're also open to any other creative ideas.

We do have some non-negotiables though, and fair warning - they usually preclude many of the partnership opportunities sent our way.

Protecting our community is our #1 priority.

We will never do anything to jeopardise the trust of our audience and community. We will never recommend or suggest a product or service we don't use ourselves, or would not recommend to a best friend.

Integrity is a core value of ours, and must be for anyone we partner with. In our experience, we've found the right partners appreciate these boundaries and share the same ethics.

Here are some of the ways we can work together.

Products or Samples

If you would like to send us free gear or software to test, please know that we can never guarantee a video, review or anything else.

We only feature products and services that, after testing, we like and would recommend to a close friend. If we do decide to go ahead with any feature or mention, this will always be our complete, unbiased thoughts - the good and the bad - without any alterations.

Paid Sponsorships

Paid spots in our YouTube videos, 100k+ subscriber email newsletter, website or other properties.

Note: We're careful not to take sponsorships for products we regularly review and compare (e.g. video editing software). While we would certainly never alter our recommendations for any incentive, it's important to us that our audience don't need to even ask the question.

Affiliate Programs

We've found Affiliate programs are one of the most effective ways to a win-win-win outcome: for our community, for the companies with products we have tried & recommend, and for us.

We will often suggest an affiliate relationship vs. sponsorship, particularly for the types of products we regularly review or compare.

Advisory or Investment

If you're a startup or established company with a product or service that solves a key problem for our community, we have limited spots available to work with you in an advisory capacity. For the right companies and founders, we also consider direct investments.

Something else in mind?

Those are just some of the ways we've worked with various partners before.
If you have another idea in mind, let us know!

Get in touch with us.

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