PVA Team Affiliate Registration

Welcome! Awesome to see you want to learn more about the PVA Team Affiliate Program 🙌🏻

The PVA Team Affiliate Program is designed to help us reward Primal Video Accelerator (PVA) members who share PVA with their friends, colleagues and communities.

As a PVA Team Affiliate you’ll earn a recurring 25% commission for every new PVA member you refer. That means you’ll earn 25% of all their subscription payments for the life of their subscription!

The Team Affiliate program is open to current members of PVA with an active subscription. To remain eligible for the Team Affiliate program and continue earning commissions, you must maintain a current Primal Video Accelerator membership and keep your account in good standing. (Check out the full program terms & conditions here.)

Are you a current Accelerator member?
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