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Colin Clapp
Colin ClappAccelerator Student
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There's a cliche that says you join for the content, but you stay for the community. This is very much my experience of PVA ... It's the empathetic, inspiring and supportive community that keeps me coming back.
Faraqed Al-Sallal
Faraqed Al-SallalAccelerator Student
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I got so much value from PVA other than creating videos for YouTube. Any content creator could really benefit from this program. Each module and lesson adds tons of value, I don't think anyone should miss it.
Jerry Potter
Jerry PotterAccelerator Student
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Thanks to Justin and Mike's help, my Five Minute Social Media YouTube channel just crossed 100,000 subscribers! If you are feeling stuck or frustrated, stick with it - follow what they teach here in PVA!
Clare Sullivan
Clare SullivanAccelerator Student
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I never knew I had the potential to design a course but the wheels are spinning in my head and my small idea is going to turn into something HUGE!! Thank you again Justin for your insight, knowledge, and ideas.
Kelly Baader
Kelly BaaderAccelerator Student
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Creating videos is one thing, but creating videos that get found and convert is totally another. Justin & Mike are the experts who can help you transit from your desert to the promised land in authority building with video.
Catherine Thomas
Catherine ThomasAccelerator Student
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This program is so well thought out and truly complete - and even more importantly - your genuineness to create success for the PVA members is so clear.
Susan Thompson
Susan ThompsonAccelerator Student
Read More
Since I started PVA 5 months ago, My channel: views have doubled, watch hours have doubled, subscribers per month have doubled, monthly income has tripled (okay wasn't much to start with, but I'll take it!).
Caroline Mitchell
Caroline MitchellAccelerator Student
Read More
If you are serious about investing in your channel, you won't get better value for money.​ I was a complete beginner with no clue of how to film, edit and upload to YouTube, let alone how to present and market my content. Accelerator taught me how to do all of that, and so much more.
Jonathan Baker
Jonathan BakerAccelerator Student
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Nearly every thing I have learned has come through Primal Video. It is tightly organized, does not waste time and gets to the point of whatever is being examined. And simply useful in the most practical way.
Russi Villalta
Russi VillaltaAccelerator Student
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I believe in being coached by the best. I AM totally stoked with PVA! I feel I always have a support system. I also am being held accountable for the next video because I have this support system.
Sharyn Baines
Sharyn BainesAccelerator Student
Read More
Prior to joining I had no confidence in creating video, let alone growing a YouTube channel or creating & marketing online courses. Now, we’re kicking it with over 900k views on our Channel and our 3rd course about to be released - and thanks to what Accelerator taught me, I already have people on a waitlist!​
Pam Prior
Pam PriorAccelerator Student
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Primal Video Accelerator is a resource I can go to and I KNOW every time I access it I'm going to up my game... And how much I up my game, frankly, is 100% correlated to how often I go in and make use of the resources and follow the processes in there.​
Maureen Whitehouse
Maureen WhitehouseAccelerator Student
Read More
I use Primal Video as my go-to resource because you know what you're getting, you know it's going to be short and concise, and ALWAYS spot-on. I can't highly recommend Primal Video enough, and I do not typically do testimonials because I have a very high bar for the integrity of things and Primal Video checks every single box! To anyone sitting on the fence, I would say jump in NOW!​
Michelle Farris
Michelle FarrisAccelerator Student
Read More
I’m so grateful I found Justin’s Accelerator Program! It showed me how to make my channel grow with videos my audience actually wants! I took another much more expensive course and it didn’t compare at all. If you are looking for YouTube help - don’t go anywhere else! You have the best here!
Dan Norton
Dan NortonAccelerator Student
Read More
Even if you don't know anything about how to do video, how to find leads online - you get everything laid out very simple. I would absolutely recommend Primal Video Accelerator - it is THE resource if you're looking to build your business online.
Sukie Baxter
Sukie BaxterAccelerator Student
Read More
After using Accelerator to revive an old channel, I received floods of gratitude from people finding & watching my old videos and tons of positive feedback on how professional my new videos look! I wish I’d had Accelerator years ago when I started my channel.​
Lana Horruitiner Perez
Lana Horruitiner PerezAccelerator Student
Read More
I started as a stay-at-home mom with a cooking blog I created just for fun. Not knowing where to start, I came upon a few free Primal Video tutorials. I joined Accelerator and started using the techniques I learned. My channel has grown to 14K subscribers, over 850K views - and my revenue is steadily increasing!​
Júlio Caliman
Júlio CalimanAccelerator Student
Read More
I can’t imagine a better program than the PVA. You really get all the answers you are looking for.
 The community is a great plus, it’s really awesome to be able to connect with people that are facing the same struggles as you in this YouTube journey.
Mícheál O'Neill
Mícheál O'NeillAccelerator Student
Read More
I would have counted myself as a very solid all-around marketer but there was so much I didn't know about YouTube ... A huge thanks to Justin and Mike for breaking it down into manageable bite-sized chunks.
Rob Beams
Rob BeamsAccelerator Student
Read More
The Accelerator Program has been an absolute game changer for me and my team in numerous ways. The improvement in efficiency and profitability has literally fast tracked us to the top in many categories that are saturated with competition.
Graham Dersnah
Graham DersnahAccelerator Student
Read More
I started my channel last May and wasn't getting very much traction, but after going back and optimizing my videos thumbnails/ titles/ descriptions/ tags following the PVA vids, I had a huge increase in views.
Stephen Parry
Stephen ParryAccelerator Student
Read More
It is staggeringly useful, high quality and exemplary ... It's revitalised my business, attitude and thirst for learning. You are not in the business of making videos but in the business of transforming people.
Russell Watson
Russell WatsonAccelerator Student
Read More
Coming up on my first year with PVA - success beyond anything I imagined - Justin & Mike have the answers if you are willing to do the work.
Zach Spuckler
Zach SpucklerAccelerator Student
Read More
We just passed 200k views since Mike & Justin taught me how to YouTube research - this is so epic! Seriously - do what these dudes say and you'll crush it!
Jon Acampora
Jon AcamporaAccelerator Student
Read More
Mike & Justin's training has added so much clarity to my content strategy. I am now able to quickly determine what topics to create videos on, knowing that the videos will get found and viewed.

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