The Best Way To Automatically Transcribe Videos… Free!

Transcribing your videos is a great way to easily repurpose your content or generate video descriptions. There are a tonne of options out there to automate the process. I’ve tried plenty, BUT unfortunately (maybe it’s just my accent) the results have been pretty bad with most options; except one…

Here’s the BEST way to transcribe video automatically (oh, and it’s also free!)


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The Best Way To Automatically Transcribe Videos… Free!

You might have heard Google (Google Now), Apple (Siri) and Microsoft (Cortana) have been investing a LOT in their virtual assistant apps over the past few years. The voice recognition in these services is getting pretty amazing – even for my Aussie accent! With the amount these guys are investing, it’s not hard to see why they can generate results a lot of the built-for-purpose software packages just cant match when transcribing audio.

I’ll show you how to make the most of these services for transcribing your videos – the best way to automatically transcribe videos… Free!

UPDATE: It seems Google now requires you to be using the Chrome browser (on PC or Mac) in order to enable Google Now. If you’re having any issues, make sure you’re using Chrome!



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