#1 Tip to Make Better Videos AND Gain Confidence on Camera!

Presenting on camera is hard for most people (including me!) Here’s the ONE tip I always use to make better videos and gain confidence before shooting.


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How to Get Comfortable on Camera, FASTER!

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#1 Tip to Make Better Videos AND Gain Confidence on Camera!

For most people, presenting on camera does not come naturally. Personally, I’ve always struggled… I’ve successfully coached a huge number of clients through the process over the years, but until I was the one in front of the camera I never quite realised just how difficult it can be!

For those of you that’ve been watching my videos since we setup the channel, you’ll see it definitely takes time. I’m by no means fantastic today, but I cringe when I look back at some of those original videos. I looked like a deer in the headlights! (I don’t think I blinked once in the first 10 videos…) If you haven’t seen them, check out the channel – they’re still there as a painful reminder 😉

BUT – there is one VERY simple thing you can do to see a huge improvement in your videos, and gain confidence FAST… It’s all about your energy levels – and that’s what we run through in this video!

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How to Get Comfortable on Camera, FASTER!

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