How to Make a Good YouTube Video – The ULTIMATE Video Script Structure!

There are plenty of so-called experts online discussing how to make a good YouTube video, but they often focus on elements such as the quality of your camera or your lighting and miss the most critical element: structuring the content of your video correctly.

Structuring your content can be done on the fly, but more often than not, creating a video script makes the task of structuring your content much easier, as you’re able to plan it out in advance and organize it effectively.

A good video script structure will:

  • Help boost your watch time which is an important YouTube ranking factor.
  • Make sure that your viewers actually understand your content or topic (because you can organize it in a logical way).
  • Make the process of creating content faster because you have a ‘template’ that you can apply to every script.

But there’s more to just writing a good script.

Writing a GREAT script can make all the difference to your video and how your viewers’ respond to it. And having a structure or framework that binds your script together is what turns a good video script into a great one.

We know this because we’ve created hundreds of YouTube videos and have been able to test and refine the critical elements that every video script needs to cover.

So in this article, we’ll share our simple 5 step video script structure that we have used to grow our channel so that you can understand how to script YouTube videos so you can maximize your views.

And, at the end of this article, we’ll also share our YouTube Ranking Guide with you, which has a complete overview of the whole YouTube ranking process and access to our top tools for finding high-ranking keywords.

So, keep reading.

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Simple Video Script Structure For YouTube

There are 5 critical elements that every YouTube video script needs that we’ve discovered from our research. They are:

1. The Hook
2. The Intro
3. The Content 
4. The Bonus
5. The Call to Action
5 Elements of a Simple Video Script Structure
5 elements of a simple video script structure

Now, let’s dive into what each of these mean to understand why they’re important in a script.

#1 The Hook

The first thing you want to do in your video is to grab your audiences’ attention and ‘hook’ them in.

In the first few sentences of the hook, you need to let your audience know that they’re in the right place and that your video is going to help them solve their problem or answer their question.

A good hook should be clear, to the point and help convince your viewers that they made the right choice when they clicked on your video.

For example, if you wanted to create a YouTube video about the 3 best tools for keyword research, your hook could look like this: 

“In this video, I’m going to show you the 3 best keyword ranking tools and how you can use them to grow your YouTube ranking and get more viewers and subscribers”.

 #2 The Intro

After assuring your viewers that they’re in the right place, introduce yourself and the brand or company you work for. Keep this part short, sharp and to the point once again.

Try something like this:

“Hey, it’s Justin here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new to this channel, make sure you click that subscribe button, and everything mentioned in this video will be linked down below”.

That’s the first part of the intro. 

For the second part, you should then go into a bit more detail on the topic you’re about to cover, explaining how you’re going to deliver the content and what viewers can expect to learn or gain from watching your video.

#3 The Content

Now it’s time to deliver on the promise you made in the hook and intro and go through the actual content that you want to share with your audience in your video.

Typically, viewers find it easier to follow along with topics that use a clear structure such as ‘the top 5 microphones’, or a ‘5 step video editing process’ but the structure you use in your videos is largely dependent on the type of content you’re covering. Not every topic will lend itself to this kind of structure.

Overall though, content that is delivered in a logical order is much easier to follow and makes it easier for your viewers to stick around and keep watching.

#4 The Bonus

The bonus is all about impressing your audience and creating some ‘wow factor’ that will really blow them away. Go one step further and over-deliver on the content of your video to give them even more value than they would have expected.

As the expert on your topic, you can predict what your viewers will be interested in or need help with after they’ve watched your video. Find out what that is and deliver it to them as a bonus. 

As an example:

In one of our videos which discussed top video editing programs, we included bonus tips on how to edit videos faster. This is because we know that if our viewers are interested in finding out about video editing software, they might also be interested in learning some tips that’ll speed up their editing. 

To make your bonus content have an even greater impact, you should tease it in the hook (at the start of your video) to heighten your viewers’ expectations and build suspense that will entice them to keep watching your video.

And try not to make this section too long –  keep it short and sharp to ensure that you dazzle your viewers without overdoing it.

#5 The Call To Action (CTA)

The CTA is the last part of your video script and it’s where you let your viewers know what you’d like them to do after watching your video.

The could be to:

  • Give your video a thumbs up
  • Subscribe to your channel
  • Download your free guide
  • Click a link to another video

Whatever it is you’d like them to do, mention it verbally and prompt them to take action. 

Generally speaking, your biggest CTA should be saved until the end of the video. You can use smaller ones like asking them to subscribe or comment partway through your video, but any CTA that involves your viewers leaving YouTube should be saved until the end.

Good YouTube Videos Use a Simple Script Structure

So now you know that a good YouTube video involves more than just a camera or fancy lighting.

The most critical element of a video is its content and being able to structure it with the help of a script means that your video is much more likely to resonate with viewers, hold their attention and turn them into fans.

The 5 elements in our simple video script structure are proven to take your videos from good to great as they help you to structure your content in a way that your audience can understand and really engage with.

We do a ton of work behind the scenes here at Primal Video when it comes to scripting and planning our YouTube videos. If you’d like to see how we plan from start to finish, check out our guide for the Ultimate YouTube Video Creation Process.

And if you want to learn more about maximizing your YouTube video views, grab our free YouTube Ranking Guide that will show you how to rank on YouTube and give you the tools to find high-ranking search terms.

Recommended Gear & Resources

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