From 0 to 1,000 Subscribers FASTER: 9 Tips to Grow a New YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is an exciting step. But your channel growth can feel slow-paced and outright difficult at first.

You’re probably left wondering not just how to grow your YouTube channel but also how to get your first 1000 subscribers… Well, we’ve done the hard yards so you don’t have to!

After years of trial and error, we’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we’ve provided our top 9 YouTube tips on how to grow your channel.

Important: When available, we use affiliate links and may earn a commission!

This guide will set you up for success by making some quick and simple tweaks to your channel and processes. You’ll learn how to create high quality content faster as well as how to optimize your videos to get more views and subscribers.

These 9 tips will help you go from 0 to 1000 subscribers on YouTube in no time: 

Let’s dive in. 

Tip #1 –  Set up your YouTube channel 

Making sure your channel is completely set up and optimized is the number one step to reaching your first 1000 subscribers. 

Add a Profile Picture to Your YouTube Channel

First thing’s first, make sure you’ve got a profile picture added. 

To do this, head to your YouTube channel and open the Studio dashboard. On the left hand side click on Customization and then Branding. You can add a profile picture here. 

This can be a picture of you, a company logo, or a channel logo depending on what suits your channel. 

Upload a profile picture to your YouTube account

Adding a profile picture is the first step to optimizing your YouTube channel

Add Banner Art to Your YouTube Channel

Next, you want to make sure you’ve got a banner image for your channel. This is the image that goes along the top of your YouTube channel page. 

Creating banner art can be a great opportunity for you to get creative! Be sure to make something that stands out but also lets people know what your channel is about. 

You can add this in the Branding section just below where you added your profile picture. 

If you’d like more information on how to create your own banner art, you can follow this step-by-step tutorial on How to Make a YouTube Banner.

Add a Watermark to Your YouTube Videos 

A watermark is a little clickable image that appears in your videos. People can click on it to subscribe to your channel, making it even easier for viewers to subscribe. 

Just like your profile picture and banner art, this can also be added in the Branding tab of Customization

To find out more about adding a watermark, check out our guide on How to Add a Custom Watermark.

Add a watermark to your YouTube video

Adding a watermark allows viewers to quickly and easily subscribe to your channel

Update Your YouTube Channel Description

Next, head to the Basic info tab to add your channel description. You can include a couple of sentences describing what your channel is about and the content you’ll be releasing. This will show up on your YouTube channel under the About section. 

If you scroll down, you’ll also see a Links section. This is the perfect place to include links to your website, social media profiles, lead magnets or even free PDF downloads and guides you’d like to share with your viewers.

It’s a good idea to include an email address under the Contact info section so that people can get in contact with you. 

Add a description to your YouTube channel

Your channel description should include who you are, what your channel is about and what kind of content you will be releasing

Verify Your YouTube Channel 

Verifying your channel unlocks access to a bunch of features. Head to Settings in the bottom left hand corner, go to Channel, and then Feature eligibility. You’ll need to enter a phone number to verify your channel via phone call or text.

Verify your YouTube account

Verifying your account allows you to unlock a bunch of great features

Tip #2 – Research YouTube Content Ideas Before You Film

Topic and keyword research is vital to growing your YouTube channel. It allows you to be strategic with the content you’re creating.  

Skipping this step is one of the biggest mistakes new YouTubers make when first starting out – us included! 

Doing the ground research so you know what content people want to watch will save you a ton of wasted time. This way you know exactly who you’re talking to before you start filming. 

Otherwise, you run the risk of creating content no one actually wants to watch. 

Be strategic with the content you're creating

Research allows you to KNOW what your viewers want to watch rather than what you THINK they want to watch

This also allows you to connect with your view on a deeper level because you have real insight into what they need from your video. You will be able to create a much more powerful video for your viewers. 

How to Research YouTube Content Ideas 

So, how do you get started with research?

The YouTube search bar is the best place to start your research. You can begin by typing in a couple of words related to your topic or niche and see what YouTube auto suggests. 

These auto suggestions aren’t just random suggestions. They are words and terms that people are actually searching for. This means there is demand for this content. 

Another trick of the trade is what we like to call the ‘wild card’. This is when you use an underscore in the search bar and YouTube will fill in the blank.

For example, if you enter ‘how to _ healthy’, there are autofill suggestions such as ‘how to get healthy hair’ and ‘how to make healthy pancakes’. 

Conduct keyword research for your YouTube videos

The best place to start your keyword research is in the YouTube search bar

Again, this tells you exactly what viewers are searching for and provides a great base to begin your topic and keyword research. 

For more information on how to research content ideas, check out our Complete Keyword Research Guide.

Tip #3 – Engage With Your Audience 

Every viewer is a real person. The more you can connect and engage with them, the deeper the relationship you’ll be able to build with them. 

If they know, like, and trust you, they will want to come back to your channel. The more people who return to your channel and consume your content, the faster your channel will grow. 

But it’s important to note that you want the RIGHT people watching your videos. 

Don’t just ask all your friends and family to watch your video to bump up the views. You want people who are interested in your videos, who watch them the entire way through, and who come back to watch more of your content. 

This means promoting your video by any means necessary! So if you can reach the right audience on your social media platforms, by all means share away. 

Engage with your subscribers by asking them to leave a comment

Asking your viewers to comment on your videos is a great way to build engagement

It’s also really important to engage and interact with as many viewers as possible. You can ask them in your videos to leave a comment or give the video a thumbs up. 

It’s then your goal to respond to and interact with as many of the good comments as possible! 

PRO TIP: Running live streams occasionally is another great way to build engagement with your viewers. 

Tip #4 – Make a Scroll-Stopping YouTube Thumbnail Image

You could have the world’s best video but if your thumbnail doesn’t look appealing, no one is going to click on it. 

This means it’s vital to create an attractive, engaging, attention-grabbing thumbnail. 

Optimize your YouTube thumbnails

Primal Video’s thumbnails always include bright colours, graphic elements and bold text to grab attention

We use bright colours, graphic elements and large bold text in our thumbnails. We also usually include Justin pointing, smiling or doing something silly to really grab people’s attention. 

Viewers should know exactly what your video is about just by looking at your thumbnail. 

Tip #5 – Get Your Viewers’ Interest

The last thing you want is for someone to click on your video and then leave right away. This sends a negative message and YouTube will stop promoting your content. 

Keep viewers engaged to grow your YouTube channel

A good hook at the start of your video will increase your viewer’s likelihood of watching the rest of your video

So how can you get a viewer’s interest so they keep watching? The answer is a good hook. 

A hook is a short, sharp, punchy intro that immediately lets people know they’re in the right place. You can start by letting them know what you’re going to cover in the video.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our guide on How to Make a Good YouTube Video.

Tip #6 – Create a Playlist on YouTube

Playlists are an awesome tool that help get people watching more of your content. 

But, what is a YouTube playlist?

A YouTube playlist is a group of videos that you have specifically chosen and ordered. The best part? Playlists have the potential to rank and show up on YouTube as if it was it’s own dedicated piece of content. 

Create YouTube playlists to get more subscribers

YouTube playlists are an awesome tool to get your content ranking and to reach more viewers

Just like videos, playlists have titles and descriptions where you’re able to insert keywords and phrases that will help people find it. 

You can also use playlists on your channel page to group and separate different types of content you might have on your page. 

Tip #7 – Increase Your Viewer’s Watch Time 

One factor that YouTube pays a lot of attention to is how long viewers stay on the platform. This makes it vital to think about your viewer’s journey and if you’re creating a good experience for them.

If people are watching your videos, then flowing on and watching more of your videos, this tells YouTube you’ve kept the viewer’s session going. 

If people are leaving your videos and leaving the platform altogether, this indicates to YouTube that your videos have caused the viewer to end their session. 

This tells YouTube you’re a session killer and the algorithm will stop promoting your videos. No one wants to be a session killer.

Link to a relevant recommended video at the end of each video

Linking to a related video is the best way to get your viewers to continue watching your content

So, it’s important to provide your viewers with more quality content that would be of interest to them based on the video they just watched. 

You should ask the question: ‘If I just watched this specific video, what is the next best video for me to watch?’ 

If you don’t have a video on your channel that fits that criteria, you can link to another channel that does.

Doing this creates a tie between your channel and the channel you linked to. Then your viewers are associated with the other channels’ viewers and you’re more likely to show up in their recommended videos as well. 

Either way, when executed correctly this one is a win win for both you and your viewers.

Tip #8 – Build an Email List 

Building an email list is an amazingly powerful tool that will: 

  • Help you grow your YouTube channel
  • Deepen the relationship with your fans and followers
  • Allow you to grow your online business
Email lists help grow your online business

Email lists are a powerful way to reach your followers and build your business

An email list is a direct line of communication to your most loyal people – the people who want to hear more from you. At any given moment you can communicate with them without an algorithm or notification system stopping that communication. 

If you want to learn more about growing an email list, head to our guide on How To Build an Email List.

Tip #9 – Implement, Learn, Tweak, Evolve, and Repeat 

By adopting a growth mindset, you’re going to have success on YouTube much faster. 

YouTube is not an overnight thing. YouTube is the long game. So, ask yourself what you can improve on each time you go through these processes. Those tiny improvements add up. You will see results and you will see growth much faster!

Ask yourself what you can improve on to grow your YouTube channel

Continually making small improvements is the fastest way to grow your channel

Always push to be implementing, learning, tweaking, evolving. And then, going through it again. And don’t worry – it does get easier.

Now You Know How to Get 1000 Subscribers on YouTube

So there you have it – our top 9 tips on how to go from 0 to 1000 subscribers on YouTube.

We covered everything you need to know about setting up your channel, optimizing your content and keeping your viewers engaged to step up your YouTube growth.  

If you’re ready to take action and level up on your keyword research, check out our FREE YouTube Ranking Guide. In this guide, we cover the 3 most powerful tools and ranking strategies to increase your YouTube traffic by 10x!


When available, we use affiliate links and may earn a commission!

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