Best Video Editing Apps for Android – 2023 Review!

With so many Android video editing apps available in the Google Play store, it can feel impossible to figure out which is the best one to help you edit videos on Android.

There’s options like Kinemaster, Video Leap, Motion Ninja, Adobe Rush, LumaFusion (yes, it’s now available on Android!), VLLO, Powerdirector, CapCut, Inshot, VN Video Editor – but how do you know which one is right for you?

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In this complete guide, we take a look at the BEST video editing apps for Android in 2023.

This includes what’s changed since our last roundup in 2022 and a review of the leading Android video editor apps right now on tablet & smartphone.

We’ll cover everything from the best FREE video editing apps right up to more professional and advanced options – so there’s something for every budget and skill level.

Stick around to find out our pick for the best video editing app for Android in 2023.

Shortlist of Android Video Editing Apps

After trialing and testing all the top options, we’ve narrowed it down to a short list of our top three video editing apps for Android right now. They are:

Before we share our TOP pick, let’s take a look at each of these in a bit more detail so you can decide on the best one for you.

Video Editing App #1: CapCut

The decision to add CapCut was a tough one because there are a lot of video editing apps out there that are very similar.

The CapCut website
CapCut is our first shortlisted video editing app for Android

For example, VN Video Editor is a very similar video editor and one that we’re big fans of!

It does do some things better than CapCut. For example, you have more control over the settings when you export videos in VN.

But overall, the usability, design and interface of both apps are very similar. When it comes down to it, CapCut is a better all-rounder right now.

CapCut interface compared to VN Video Editor interface
CapCut and VN Video Editor are similar in a lot of ways

CapCut is a free video editing app for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. It has some amazing features so it’s awesome that you have access to this for free.

The interface and overall editing experience is really fast, easy to use and intuitive.  

If you haven’t edited before, you’ll be able to figure everything out really quickly in CapCut and edit videos quickly.

Video filters inside CapCut
These filters are great for creating TikToks & other short videos

CapCut is created by ByteDance, the same company who owns TikTok. So there’s heaps of extra effects and video filters in here that are great for creating TikTok videos.

But there’s plenty of tools to help you edit amazing looking videos for other platforms too.

Some of the top features include:

  • Easy background removal tool
  • Powerful AI transcribing that automatically adds captions to your video clips
  • Built-in video stabilizer to help you fix any shaky footage

Overall, CapCut is a great all-rounder – especially considering it’s a free video editing app! Whether you’ve never created a video before or you’re looking to quickly create engaging videos & short edits, CapCut could be a good option for you.

But while it does have a ton of effects & filters and some awesome tools to help you carry out standing video editing tasks, there aren’t too many pro-level controls in CapCut.

The background removal tool in CapCut
The background removal tool is a great feature in CapCut

PRO TIP: Check out our Complete CapCut Tutorial to get a full rundown of the features.

If you’re looking for the next step up, you might like the sound of the next vide editing app.

Video Editing App #2: VLLO

This is another video editor that has a similar interface to CapCut and VN Video Editor. Again, it’s intuitive, easy to use and makes the editing process super fast.

But VLLO also has some more standout, professional features.

The VLLO website
Our second shortlisted video editing app is VLLO

It’s really easy to switch between the different editing stages using the menu bar down the bottom. You can quickly jump between audio, graphic, text, picture in picture (PIP) and effects.

When you switch between those stages, it will customize the layout so you can focus on those specific areas.

The different interface layouts in VLLO
The custom interfaces make the editing process more seamless

Some of our favorite features include:

  • Onscreen guides to help you resize and reframe your shots
  • Ripple edit tools which make it really quick to cut down a bunch of footage (you’d usually only find this in more professional video editing software)
  • Filters and color grades can be added as an adjustment layer which means you don’t need to apply those settings to each one of your clips (another tool usually only in desktop video editing software)
The VLLO video editing app interface
VLLO has some great professional video editing tools

Overall, VLLO is a great combination of being intuitive and easy to use as well as having some pro-level tools. It’s a solid option whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone looking for more advanced features and functionalities.

VLLO Pricing

There is a free version available but we highly recommend going with the paid option to access all the features.

The paid version is available as a subscription or you can pay a one-time fee of $25.99 for lifetime access.

It’s awesome that you get both options so you can pick the payment option that’s best for you. Plus it’s incredibly cheap given what you get access to!

VLLO pricing
You can choose between a subscription or one-time payment

Video Editing App #3: LumaFusion

This is hands down the most professional video editing app on Android and iOS. We’re so pumped that LumaFusion finally out on Android.

It’s been ranking highly in our ‘Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone & iPad’ for years!

The LumaFusion website
Our third shortlisted video editing app is LumaFusion

At the time of writing this, LumaFusion is out on Android but it’s currently in beta. So you might find it’s only available if you have a more recent device or a flagship device. If you’ve got an older device, it will hopefully be available soon.

As we mentioned, this really is the most advanced video editor available on Android. It mimics what you’d find in professional desktop video editing software.

The overall interface is still really easy to use and fairly intuitive. It’s definitely not as easy as CapCut or VLLO but that’s just because there are so many more professional editing tools and features in there.

LumaFusion Android interface
This video editor app has seriously pro-level video editing tools

We’re so impressed with the power and performance of LumaFusion on Android, just like we have been with LumaFusion on iOS.

Some of the top features include:

  • Ability to really easily edit professional grade, high resolution video files
  • Choose between different layouts to customize the interface based on what you want to focus on (this is great to maximize your screen real estate)
  • Really powerful color grading, audio tools and effects
  • Huge amount of control over the export settings, allowing you to dial everything in exactly how you want it
Color adjustment tools in LumaFusion
LumaFusion has advanced color adjustment functionalities

Overall, LumaFusion is an amazing option if you’re looking for the most amount of control, tools and pro-level video editing features for editing on Android devices.

Even if you’re an absolute beginner but want to invest a little bit of time into learning professional grade video editors – this could be a great choice.

PRO TIP: Check out our Complete LumaFusion Tutorial to see these tools in action.

LumaFusion Pricing

There is no free version of LumaFusion available. It currently sells for a one-time flat rate fee of $19.99 while it’s in beta. Once it moves out of beta, you’ll need to pay the full price which is $29.99.

It’s great that you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription fee and if you ask us, this is an awesome price given how powerful this video editor app is.

LumaFusion pricing
The LumaFusion Android pricing will increase when it’s longer in beta

Best Video Editing App For Android?

If you’re doing some basic video editing for short videos (e.g. social media posts or stories), CapCut is the best video editing app to jump into and quickly make those basic edits.

For longer or more detailed and professional videos, that’s where the power of LumaFusion comes in.

VLLO is a solid option that’s somewhere between those two.

So, the winner for best video editing app for Android in 2023 goes to… LumaFusion.

LumaFusion video export settings
LumaFusion is our top pick for BEST video editing app on Android

We just love how many pro-level tools it has and the level of editing you’re able to achieve. It really is a great video editing app with the most advanced editing features we’ve seen on Android.

But remember, the right Android video editor app for you will come down to your skillset and the types of videos you’re making.

You can always try the free version of CapCut, VLLO and any other video editors to find out which video editing tool suits your workflow and needs.

Now that you know the best video editing apps for Android, want to learn how to film on Android like a PRO? Check out our FREE Android Filming Guide.

Interested to find out the best video editing app on iPhone as well? You can check it out here.

Recommended Gear & Resources

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